Setting up my WordPress blog

I write for a living. And communicate with a lot of people as part of my job. Given this context, it is surprising that I never really played with WordPress until now. I tried my hands at blogging several times but on all occasions I went with Blogger. Everyone has Google. So clicking on Blogger and starting a blog is just so much more easier than signing up for a new service again. Quite lazy way of thinking but then that’s how it is.

Then there was the matter of time. Journalists are busy people. Whether for right reasons or wrong is not something that matters. We always have a few hours less than what we would like. This kept me away from blogging most of the time and even though I knew WordPress was better, I rarely blogged so it didn’t matter.

But for the last few days, I feel like doing a proper blog. A more personal blog, which is not about work. So here I am.

WordPress is indeed better. It has superb themes though it is still not so easy for not-so tech savvy people. For them, Facebook is unbeatable. If that is too low-brow for some, then Medium works better for them compared to WP.

So far so good. Let’s see how this one goes…

Setting up my WordPress blog

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