The Fall by Albert Camus

The Stranger was the first Camus book I read. And then I forgot about him, lost in grind of the daily life. Two days ago I decided to go back and picked The Fall.

It was late night, around 1am, when I downloaded the book on Kindle. It was time to sleep but I made a mistake of reading five pages. And then it turned into one-more-page-before-I-sleep. A few hours later, the first light of the morning was outside the window, the din from people living in the apartment block was rising, vehicles had started moving on the colony roads and the book was done.

The whole book is an overly dramatic monologue… but what a monologue it is. Absolute page turner! And with lines like these, it has to be:

“We are all exceptional cases. We all want to appeal against something! Each of us insists on being innocent at all cost, even if he has to accuse the whole human race and heaven itself.”

The Fall by Albert Camus

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