More Camus

I first read Albert Camus in college. The Stranger aka The Outsider was one of those books that were sort of essential reading for anyone in college. Like the Catcher In The Rye. Or the Catch 22. It was heady stuff, appealing to anyone who had started to run into some of the perplexities of life but were not yet free of what they call the teenage spirit. camus

That was the only book I read until the last month when I picked up The Fall. Wow! What a book. If The Stranger was the food for a college student’s soul, The Fall is a book for the man in early 30s. The Plague was next and then a re-reading of The Stranger.

Incredible books.

Also, realised that good books often tell readers different things depending on when you read them. For example what I made of The Stranger 10 years ago was somewhat different from how I processed it last month.

More Camus

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