The age of ignorance

Why don’t people read any more?

Or watch something? Something with dragons in it? Or maybe clips of just a couple of dogs rolling around in dirty. Or an old men rolling sushi. Isn’t that beautiful? Or why don’t people listen to something? Something nice. Or just something raucous. Some noise that has been deliberately made. Or may be a catchy tune that someone strung together with love. Or with passion.

People don’t read books. Or essays. Or even the product descriptions on the bottles of shampoo. It’s not that they have to always read and re-read Lolita. Or War And Peace. Not everyone wants to follow Ahab as he hunts his nemesis. Or want to catch the kids running through the fields of rye. Understandable. But you must read something, somewhere, anything that will not be appear as the objective type questions in an MBA entrance exam. Or someone somewhere must listen to the sounds as the old lady builds the stairs to the heaven. Or the must listen to the babble made by guards all along the watchtower.

But no one does.

People don’t read.

They don’t watch.

They don’t listen to anything.

Not even pop culture finds any takers.

Know they do not why someone talks this way. Or that.

Get know they do not what goes on in the galaxy far far away.

How in the world, where everything that has been conjured by humans is just one click away, does it work? It was never easier to read, watch, listen. Yet, no one does it anymore.

The age of ignorance

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